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Here in Tennessee we are blessed to have several types of terrain. West Tennessee has the flat fertile bottom land. Middle Tennessee has rolling hills with some flat land and a few larger hills or little mountains. East Tennessee has the majority of the Mountains with some flat lands on plataus and valleys.

On my ride the other day I found myself on top of Monteagle Mountain. If you’ve never taken a journey to the Domain of the University of the South in Sewanee I strongly recomend it. There are many old rock buildings on the campus to admire. But as for me I absolutely love the overlooks.

I first became aquainted with Sewanee several years ago when I started volunteering for the ADA (American Diabetes Association) “Tour de Cure”. Every spring a group of bicyclist ride to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes. The midway point on this 150 mile two day event usually winds up being Sewanee.

One of the overlooks is at St. Mary’s across highway 41 from the University of the South. The other two overlooks are in the Domain of the University of the South. One of which is the War Memorial Cross overlook and the second is Green’s overlook.

Today my destination was Green’s overlook. Turning beside the motel next to the golf course you will dead end at the overlook. Just ride until the gravel starts and you are damn near there. I find it extremely peaceful and restful to sit and admire the beauty of the valley below. Scenery such as this always makes me think I can see things the way a bird sees them.

So if you like winding mountain roads and peaceful vistas you need to make a trip up the mountain to Sewanee. You’ll have several great rides to get you up top and just as many routes to take you back down.

Ride Safe Ya’ll,


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  1. Gorgeous! I’m missing the mountains in a big way…

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