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Daily Archives: April 12th, 2008

This past Saturday was one of those lazy days. I was just beat and didn’t have much gumption at all. I took the morning to get a few obligations out of the way. That left the afternoon for me. I rode down to the local Harley shop and just hung around. The usual crew was stirring about. Seems every weekend there are a group of folks just doing there thing and laughing and having a all around fun time.

I really like to people watch. This is something I’ve enjoyed all my life. Sometimes as I’m sitting there checking everyone out I think about Crusty up in his shop. The sights you see watching the public are endless.

When I left my perch at the bike shop I headed out for a little wind down ride. Before long I found myself in the community of Mona. There is this great little pizza/coffee/ice cream shop there called Mona’s. I happen to know the folks who own the place so it was good to catch up on things. I really enjoy seeing a small mom and pop place thrive. If you ever get out to Mona’s I highly recommend the steak sandwich and the chef salad. Good stuff!

I saw this cool 1948 Chevy truck as I went to leave. Sometimes I wonder how much longer hot rods will be around. I’ve heard that the hobby is sorta dying. I sure hope not. I guess I was raised on the tale end of the led sled era though.

Winding my way back into Smyrna I decided to stop by yet another local spot. Karen’s Kustards is this awesome little dairy dip here in town. I just love going there to get their awesome shakes and burgers. Today I was just after one of their shakes. Butterscotch it was though lately I’ve been getting the sprite/lemon. This little place has some of the best service you’ll get anywhere. All the employees are always cheerful and do an awesome job. I’m always amazed at how fast they can even cook a burger. You owe it to yourself to give them a taste.

Ride Safe