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Daily Archives: October 1st, 2009

I know it’s been a while, believe me I know. It seemed that September was not meant for me to ride this year. Between rain and rain and more rain and being sick I didn’t get any miles on C.C. After having a fun little go with what can only be described as a mild form of the black plague I had missed enough.

Saturday afternoon I opened the garage door and prepared for some scooter time. It was wonderful to get back in tune with the world. I started off slowly by riding down to visit some friends in the ‘Boro. In doing so I was able to witness something that I’m not very well versed at. I believe he called it washing his bike. Strange sight for sure.

Next I was headed to visit some more friends. By this time it had began to get dark. That is except for that lightning from the thunderstorm in the distance. Before I knew it I too was in the distance and pulling over to put on my rain suite. It was Saturday so a bath was in order. Nothing like coughing up pieces of lung as you ride along on your merry way in the dark during a thunderstorm.

The rain wasn’t the only thing to drown me this night. You see it had been a while since I’d enjoyed the company of this group of friends. The love that I was swimming in from these folks did wonders for healing me. Nothing like sitting around a large table eating some great chili with your friends warming your heart and soul as the chili warms your belly.

Soon I was headed to hang out with another dear friend for the rest of the evening and half the next day for that matter. I just love an impromptu overnighter.

The miles clicked on the odometer today were few. The distance traveled by the heart and soul were many. Sometimes the best trips we take are measured in time and not distance.

Ride Safe,