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I was recently afforded the opportunity to review a new CD from the MeanStreet Riders.  Although I had heard of them, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Let’s just say this debut album has grown on me.  The smooth voices telling the stories on this High On The Hog CD work their way right inside your mind.

All the songs are about riding. The MeanStreet Riders are all riders. They write about riding. They sing about riding.  If you ride you’ll connect to this music.  If you dream about riding you’ll connect. Once you hear this music you’ll know these guys have the same thoughts and reasons as to why they ride that you do.Personally I appreciate the fact that you can understand the words to their songs. The music is crisp and clear. These guys are some good pickers.

Song titles like “High on the Hog”, “Kiss it all Goodbye”, “I’ve Had a Good Ride” and “Souls of Chrome” can only come from time spent riding. Some of the songs are about places I’ve been to. “129” is about the infamous Tail of the Dragon down at Deal’s Gap.  This stretch of highway is known the world over.  Some of the songs are about places that are on my to do list such as Sturgis and the Badlands

You can find out more about the MeanStreet Riders by checking them out on their website at or follow them on facebook at . Give them a listen and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just like I was.



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  1. I agree with you 100%. A group of riders who also sing well, write songs about our experience as riders, and love the same machines as we do (2 wheels) well …. they are biker musicians to the core, and I really care about their music and message.

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