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Daily Archives: March 4th, 2012

The fourth time I spotted the Phantom Hitchhiker I was once again headed north at the 354 mile marker. Once again it was a Friday night / early Saturday morning. For whatever reason that seems to be the only night I spot him.  The last time was unnerving for me. The way he stood and watched me drive past really got to me.

Having spotted this Phantom Hitchhiker several times I’ve started looking around for him when I approach this exit. This particular time I spotted him on the overpass. He was standing directly over the lane I was driving in. He leaned over the guard rail and peered down at me from above. Talk about getting your attention.

There is one other thing that’s come to mind about this Phantom Hitchhiker. Just south of this exit is another exit. Sometimes I stop for a break at a little market there. I’ve been known to take a nap behind this store. Well back last fall one morning I stopped to take a nap and there was someone sitting at the picnic tables between the store and the motel behind it.

I remember thinking it was odd seeing this person sitting there at this time of morning. After taking my nap I noticed the person at the table was staring at me. I believe this was the Phantom Hitchhiker. They were wearing a black hoodie and jeans. I don’t remember them having a backpack. But they were facing me and I didn’t really pay that close attention to them. Strange how they starred at me though.

Until I see this Phantom Hitchhiker again there won’t be anymore posts about him. I may never see him again. We just never know what I’ll see on the road.

Ride Safe,