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Daily Archives: May 26th, 2012

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are used to help us through difficult times. Stepping stones keep us out of the mud. Stepping stones help us cross the creek. Stepping stones help prevent the trails from wearing down. Stepping stones keep us from getting messy.

In life there are people we use as stepping stones. We only visit them when times are hard. We go to them to help us across life’s troubles. When needed, these people are the ones who bring us a smile. The ones who help us find our way. The ones who reassure us when we don’t believe in ourselves.

Just like stepping stones, these people are important to us when we need them. We’re grateful for them when we use them. They fill our thoughts when the going gets tough. We know they’ll be there for us.

How often do we think of these people when the times are good? Just like stepping stones, once we cross the troublesome places they soon escape our thoughts. I challenge you to take a moment and send a note to one of your stepping stones. Thank them for being there. Let them know you think of them in life’s good times as well as the bad.

Make someone’s day today.