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Think about it for a minute if you would. It’s really a true statement. I don’t mean to belittle either of the two. In fact I believe I’m complimenting both. Let’s just make a list and see what we have, shall we.

Pipes are a thing of beauty-Women are beautiful

Pipes come in many shapes, sizes and designs-Women have many various shapes, sizes and each has her own style

Pipes are a means of relaxing-Women are very fun to relax with

Pipes are used to enjoy the flavor of the tobacco rolling over your pallet-Women each have a special scent, smell or flavor that they share so that we can enjoy being with them

Pipes can be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime-Women can be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime

Pipes become wet when they are too hot. The tobacco oozes it’s moisture-Women get wet when they get turned on and hot.To rectify either one it takes a good probing.

Wouldn’t you now agree that pipes are like women?



  1. Dear Ronman:

    I started reading this under a misconception… I thought you meant the pipes on a bike. And I was thinking, “When is he going to get to the part about where they are occasionally too loud for the practical output.”

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

    • Dear Jack,
      That is a grand comparison as well. The only time that I don’t mind a woman getting loud is when she’s letting me know my erotic skills have caused her to erupt in passionate pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to both read and comment on my post.



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