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I love getting lost in a ride. I mean that both figuratively and literally. As I wander around I let my mind wonder as well. This ride was no different. I had just realized I was truly happy for the first time in a very long time.  I was soaking in the sights and smells of the beauty of nature that surrounded me.  The smell of cornfields. The smell of water. The coolness of the shade.

Soon I would realize that the water was from the Ohio river. This was good to know seeing as I was needing to cross the river over into Indiana.  Although I didn’t know exactly where I was, I knew I was near where I needed to be.

As I rode along smiling and enjoying my view, something caught my eye. It was a stately old home. Wait! Could it be? Yes! I knew this home. It was the Holt House.  Just like the first time I remember seeing this house, it was a very hot day. That first visit was back in 2008. I remember the date because it was the same day that a good friend passed away.  September 1, 2008 will forevermore be etched into my memory.Another memory from that fateful day in 08 is what we saw in this house. You see the house was empty. At that time it was before the restoration had begun.  Yet there was someone or something looking out of the upstairs window down at us.  I’m not the only one who saw something that day. Several, if not all of us on the ride saw it. Could it be the ghost of Joseph Holt?

Since that day I’ve heard of other people having experiences around this old house.  I’ve heard of people having car accidents near this house because of strange things in the roadway. Someone also said that she’s heard of an old tunnel from the house over to the riverbank. That the house possibly was used as a stop on the underground railroad. Who knows for sure? I certainly don’t.Joseph Holt held several prominent positions in our Federal Government. Serving as Commissioner of Patents, Postmaster General and Secretary of War under President James Buchanan. President Abraham Lincoln appointed Holt as the first Judge Advocate General of the United States of America. Holt presided over the trial of the conspirators who assassinated President Lincoln.  I challenge you to search out more information on this historic old house. Places such as this are falling to the wayside far too often. I believe that it is important that they be preserved to not only tell the story of our great country, but also help us understand and appreciate the cost of making this country. Nowadays we sit in our modern air-conditioned homes seeing things on our computers.  Although a wealth of knowledge and important, the internet can’t compare to touching history. Get out and feel with your own fingertips the stones and bricks and mortar or these places. Standing in the yard puts you in place to somewhat understand what life was like in the past. Just like this rusting old piece of farm equipment, these places won’t last forever unless they are preserved. The time to see them is now. Get out and find the history that right outside your door. Get off the interstate and ride the backroads of this great land. Open your eyes and you will be able to see and touch historical places of our forefathers.

Ride Safe,




  1. Excellent commentary on DISAPPEARING AMERICA I like this!

    • Chessie,

      Thank you once again for your kind words. I’m afraid your term DISAPPEARING AMERICA is relevant in more than one way.



  2. Great write. I love history. You are so right on keeping these places alive. Like that old reaper if it is not loved it will rust away and be gone for ever. When so in a few years and you come by the Holt Hose maybe they will be there and show you what they have done to preserve it. The photos would be great. Even greater if there are photos of what it once was inside.

    • Webster World,

      Thank you for your kind words. I truly believe we must maintain our history in order to learn and grow from it. People understand more if they can see and touch what they are learning about.



  3. I ain’t goin back by myself !!! Love these rides you go on, keep it up Brother, can’t wait to do some more ridin with you……

    • Love Buzzard,

      You can’t be a big ole fraiddy cat all your life. Why if those haints took one look at your they would be skeered too.

      Thanks for the comment,


  4. Before I even read what you wrote I thought to myself…that place looks haunted. BINGO…I was right on. Thanks for the ride story. You have some amazing places to see down there in the south.

    • Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. There are amazing places everywhere. One of these days we need to plan out an excursion for you down here. I’d be happy to show you around.



  5. Your description of not going anywhere in particular, enjoying the smells of the cornfield, the cool of the shade — that’s the best of a good ride.. Makes me want to head out somewhere tomorrow. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for taking the time to show us the history behind the Holt house. These doorways to history must be preserved.

    • John,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree, they must be preserved. We need to be able to put ourselves into the places that help shape our present and future by visiting the past.



  6. The Judge Holt House is being restored. Isn’t that great news! They are having their 4 th Annual Community Day Fundraiser in Sept. There will be Civil War Reenactors, a gun exhibit from the Fraizer Museum, and I am doing a book signing with proceeds going to the restoration.

    About the cookbooks: What do Abraham Lincoln, Miley Cyrus, Lance Burton, Naomi Judd, and Kentucky Derby Museum have in common? They all have a favorite recipe in the Kentucky Cookbook, “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities.”

    The cookbook has over 300 recipes from local and national personalities, highly visible Kentucky businesses, artist, writers, athletes, sportsmen, actors, musicians, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, notable events and places. In addition, there are brief notes with each recipe on the contributor.

    Kentucky author Pamela Whinnery will be doing a book signing as part of the 4th Annual Community Day Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., at Judge Advocate Joseph Holt Home, 6205 KY Hwy 144, Cloverport, KY. Proceeds from the book signing will go towards the matching grant for the restoration of the home.
    Whinnery will also be signing a second cookbook, “Country Goodness Recipes of Tennessee Celebrities.” This cookbook has recipes from Elvis, Trace Adkins, Dolly Partin, and Pres. Andrew Jackson and is on the same format as the Kentucky cookbook.

    The cookbooks sell for $19.95 each and make wonderful Christmas presents signed by the author.

  7. I was just at the holt house last week my parents just live 12 miles or so from there.My brother and I were taking pictures.And in quite a few we have images Hmmm??As well as our cameras kept blacking out. Im happy someone or something is still around.
    I love History and wish I had the money to donate for the restore. I enjoyes every peaceful moment there and will be going back soom.

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