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The other morning I decided to stop and grab a quick bite to go from the golden heart attack. No big deal, right? Remember I’m driving a tractor trailer.

I was attempting to work my way out of the parking lot when some guy and his pal decided I was in their way. I was blocking one of the driveways. They were still on the main road turning onto the side street to pull into the lot. Had they driven another forty yards they could have used the other entrance.

Pete and re-Pete decide that they would pull in front of me shaking their heads and giving me the finger. Today wasn’t the day to do that. I set my brakes and proceeded to climb all 6’2” 300 pounds of myself out of the truck. As someone here once told me, I’m substantial.

They continued to run their mouths as I walked toward them. I didn’t fancy being cussed by this pair. It seems that when they realized I was really getting close that they would stop. I took the opportunity to explain to them that if they wanted to step outside of the car that I would gladly remove those fingers at the shoulder and shove them up their ass. As a bonus I would gladly skull fuck them until they bled out.

About this time Pete figured out how to get the car in reverse. I’m pretty sure that dent in the roof can be pushed back out. If not, oh well.

Fuck ‘em!


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  1. They sure as hell should be glad you were just slightly pissed! 😉

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