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I realize that people don’t like trucks. I know they think we’re in the way. I know they think we’re holding up traffic on purpose. Perhaps most people don’t know a few things. Allow me to enlighten you.

The truck I drive goes 66mph. That’s wide open. I can’t even go the speed limit. I’m sorry that you feel I’m holding you up. But before you go getting pissed do this. Look around. Do you see all that stuff? Everything was brought to you by a truck. Your food, your shelter, your clothing at many points traveled by truck to ultimately wind up in your possession.

I spend most nights hauling freight up and down the road. In doing so I’m dodging wildlife, rock slides and the elements. The postal service isn’t the only one going through rain, sleet, snow and dark of night. I’ve done so for the past 26 years. That’s longer than many of you who read this have been alive. I know I’m an old fucker.

I’ve driven millions of miles accident free. I’m out there in an eight foot coffin six feet off the ground. It’s my office. I get to have every old couple that’s spent their life savings on a huge motor home learning as they go on how to drive it. I see families traveling on vacations and holidays. I see people thinking that they’re on a race course. I see the people ripped apart and killed in accidents. Daily!

My body is beaten and sore from riding on an interstate system in about as good of shape as the dead president it’s named for. It’s caused me to miss holidays and family functions. That is when I still had a family. It’s played a role in my loss of that family as well.

I’ve said all this to hopefully get you to think about some things. I once was a hot head. The events of today are not the norm for me anymore. Those two shit dicks just pissed me off on the wrong day. While they were at home dick swabbing each others colons and then wiping them off with their tonsils, I was working all night. In fact I was probably hauling products that they’ll sit inside their air conditioned house and order online so that they won’t have to get out.

There’s a shit ton more work to driving a rig than just sitting up there holding the steering wheel. Between ever changing regulations, dodging idiots and animals and everyday problems it gets taxing. Yes I chose this profession. I still enjoy what I do. I just want people to know we aren’t out there just to get in your way. We’re doing our job. We’re the lifeblood and backbone of this country.

This has been a rant.



  1. I hope your day/night goes MUCH better this go around. I appreciate truck drivers. Most of the ones I’ve come in contact with are hard working men. Thank you.

    • Pat,


  2. My brother is a truck driver and so was the ex. I don’t have any probs normally in every day or while riding, but, when I am driving on I-5 the drivers are horrible and move over even when they see you there. Those drivers probably are the ones not licensed properly. I have started using my Go Pro in my car now. Like anything, there are good drivers and bad. I just seem to see the bad on I-5… a lot.

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