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Tag Archives: Historic Markers. Pull Tight Hill

Taking advantage of some wonderful Fall sunshine I headed out to find a few Geocaches.  Just like with any adventure I wanted to make sure my scooter was up for the task.  I stopped at this local garage to check things out. Once the oil level and tire pressure checked out OK it was time to mount up and roll.


It isn’t difficult to find a scenic back road here in Tennessee to soak in some sunshine.  I’ve pasted this old barn for most of my life. I can’t count the times that I’ve said to myself that I need to stop and take a photograph. Today was the day.  There’s just something about old barns that appeal to me.  They all seem to have a story to tell. The weathered boards. Their shape. The purpose they have of providing shelter for both machine and beast.  A place to store sustenance for hard times. I hope I never loose my attraction to barns.

These lovely ladies seemed interested in what I was up to.  I suppose they couldn’t help but be curious. You’ve all see the Little Woman. She is quite the head turner.  Wouldn’t you really like to know what they were thinking?

Today I had many things on my mind and troubling my heart.  Like many of us do I turned to music to help.  In the CD player was spinning the tunes of Larry Cordle.  The album titled Pud Marcum’s Hangin kept me company. Some of these songs hit close to home.  One in particular, Angel on His Shoulder seemed fitting.  As I wound my way around historic Middle Tennessee I too had an angel on my shoulder and a devil by my side.  Just as in the song there is a war raging in my soul.

Stopping long enough in an area known as the Cove, I read the historic marker.  It told of families that have lived in the area for decades. It told of happenings that occurred during the War of Northern Aggression. There is so much history right at our fingertips. Most we don’t even have to dig for. It’s right in front of our eyes.  Take time to stop and read historic markers. The things you learn will amaze you.

The mixture of Fall colors and winding roads in the cool sunshine is just what the Ronman needed.  Add in to the mix grabbing a few Geocaches along the way and it’s a much-needed relaxing day.  Not far from Pull Tight Hill ,where these photographs were taken,  I stopped for a snack.

Coming to a cross roads I found a small country store.  I debated on taking a photograph of this market but decided better of it. I had rather you use the theater of your mind to picture what this market was like.  You know the type. There was an old church bench on the front porch.  People rode up in pickup trucks, cars and even horse back.

I sat on this bench and enjoyed a wonderful Sundrop and a bologna sandwich. You know one that has a thick piece of bologna with cheese, mustard, miracle whip and a tomato.  Just the way God meant for them to be. What a way to spend the day.

I hope you too can get out and enjoy a relaxing ride in the country. Take time to slow down and see the sights around you.  Do something new. Check out Geocaching. Learn about history.  Travel alone. Travel with others. Just get out and enjoy life.


Ride Safe