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Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located near Corbin Kentucky on highway 90.  The entire area is loaded with great roads to ride.  This is one of the many parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps   The Dupont Lodge is a sight to behold with its Hemlock beams and knotty pine.  This rustic building is very warm and inviting.  There is a great restaurant located inside the Dupont Lodge. 


For me the best feature of this wonderful Kentucky State Park is by far the falls.  This is one of only two places known to have a moonbow.  That’s right,  you can view a moonbow here at the falls on clear moonlit nights.  The water was muddy and murky for our trip due to all the rain that we’d had.  I hope to return to this beautiful scenic park when the water is not so dirty.  Once again I spotted the “Love Buzzard” out swooping down on two women.  Here you will see Spydie’s friend Janet and his sister Lena falling under the wings of the “Love Buzzard”.  Be ever vigilant when you are out and about because you just never know where that ol’ “Love Buzzard” will strike next.Ride safe,



Early one Sunday morning my gal and I mounted C.C. headed out to meet some friends in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Now some folks may feel that riding 120 miles before breakfast is a bit far, we don’t.  Everyone enjoyed a good breakfast and especially good fellowship.


First glimpse of this historic landmark brought to mind the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.  I would soon learn the reason for this.  I also learned of all the symbolic meaning behind most every aspect of this building.  To say the National Park Service employee was uber knowledgeable would be an understatement.  The Lincoln Memorial was indeed inspired by this structure.   You can learn more about this landmark by following this link.


This log cabin is not the exact home in which Lincoln lived.  This particular cabin was from the same time period and was moved to this site.


Taking a few minutes to contemplate what it must have been like to live in such a humble abode,  I truly appreciate the modern luxuries that I enjoy.  To say it was a simpler time would be hard to do.  Yes life was less cluttered with all the modern distractions we have.  Just image what life was like for the youngster Abe Lincoln.   Do you really think life was simpler?  More than likely the only clothes he had were on his back.  People truly worked for their food either by growing it or hunting it.  We simply have to hunt through the refrigerator or menu for our next meal.

Should you find yourself anywhere close to Hodgenville, Kentucky take the time to stop and visit this National Park.  I think you will be glad that you did.

Ride Safe,


010 Travel along highway 68 in Fairview Kentucky and you’ll notice a very tall concrete structure.  Having passed this way several times I had learned that it was the Jefferson Davis Monument.  I must admit that I’ve never been a big fan of Jeff Davis, although I do enjoy learning about the “War of Northern Aggression”.

027Take the time to do the tour if you visit this monument.  The view is spectacular. It amazes me to think of how difficult it must have been to build this monument at the time it was built.


011Nothing like spending a wonderful afternoon with a few friends on a scooter ride.  Learning some history is an added bonus.  You may not be able to check out this historic marker but I feel certain that all of us have something just as interesting right in our back yard.

Ride Safe,



Here it was my 41st birthday and what was I going to do to celebrate?  Well ride Doll Baby with my trusty side kick Spydie.  We left my house in Smyrna en route to Louisville, Kentucky to visit MATS.  What on earth is MATS do you say?  Why that would be the Mid America Truck Show.

You see both Spydie and Myself are truck drivers.  Yes we do both drive pickup trucks but I’m talking about big trucks.  Tractor trailers or tractor trailer trailers.  Here I’ve been trucking going on twenty three years and had never made it to MATS.  Well two double naught nine was gonna be the year.010

We had no particular thing in mind for the day other than to see the truck show, get some riding in, and visit one of the Harley shops in Louisville.  Now even though it was a bright sunny day it was a bit brisk so to speak.  (insert photo here)  Hahaha I thought I would make a note to myself here.  We all remember the lowers incident a few months back.

In the interest of time we took I-65.  Now last year I was on a daytime schedule to Indy so we made a stop at one of my old haunts just to pick at the locals.  Nothing like catching up with the fine folks that slave away at the little fuel stops.  We did some picking with “pretty little mean girl” . Told a few jokes. Enjoyed some peanut butter and crackers and a diet Mt. Dew and off we rode to Louisville.

I always enjoy spending a day on the scooters with Spydie.  Today was the first time I’d really ventured off with Spydie since he stole his new ride.  Honestly I didn’t care too much for the color of the bike until today.  That blue is really easy to spot in the mirrors as you fly along at asphalt altitude as Dave would say.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than with such a great friend and enjoying our scooters.

Ride Safe,